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Teacher explains in class


Your teachers play an important role in the Examination Process. So you need to be sure that they have the proper knowledge and expertise to fulfil their task as examiners.
Certification is a great way to find out which areas need to be improved, and it also shows that you insist on the highest possible level of quality of exams.

Courses and Certification

We can train and certify you as:

  • Developer of tests and test items, such as Multiple Choice and Open-ended Questions
  • Trainer in Test Construction
  • Test assessor
  • Student assessor

How do participants benefit?

  • They work on their Personal Development
  • They learn more about their Competences
  • They increase their Professional ‘Value’ and Marketability

How does your organization benefit?

  • You showcase your employees’ expertise
  • You ensure the high quality of your examination products and processes
  • You provide your employees with independent Proof of Expertise
  • You give your employees the chance to develop
  • You improve your organization’s image