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Cito can help you to adapt and implement test solutions that are tailored to your needs. Whether it is a high-stakes national assessment test or a low-stakes standardized test, each and every test system needs to be properly implemented. Our global experience has taught us what it takes to establish or adapt a test system in a changing environment.

Our areas of expertise

Here’s what Cito can do for you:

  • advise you on the type of Educational Assessment and Monitoring Systems you need to meet your goals
  • advise you on the logistics of testing to guarantee optimal access for test takers
  • prepare reference guides and content standards
  • prepare pilot tests
  • develop procedures for administration
  • set up the institutional, physical and logistical infrastructure

Digital solutions

We use several software platforms for planning, authoring, delivering, assessing and reporting high-quality tests and exams, so we can offer you a range of digital solutions.

Data Driven Direct Consensus (3DC)

The Data Driven Direct Consensus procedure (3DC) is a new and very flexible method for standard setting. As the name implies, it borrows considerably from the Direct Consensus procedure but it adds psychometrical rigour and guidance for the panellists by providing extra information about the relative difficulty of the clusters in relation to each other and to the test score.

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Our experience

  • Cito provided training and consultancy programmes to build local capacity for item and test development in Chile.
  • Cito trained Lithuanian subject experts in preparing modern diagnostic and standardized assessment tools.
  • Cito is developing and implementing comprehensive student monitoring systems for mathematics and for languages in Secondary Education at the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Kazakhstan.
  • Cito provided technical assistance for building the institutional infrastructure and professional expertise to the Education Assessment Unit of the Ministry of Education in Macedonia.
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