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Headquarter Cito

The Story of Cito

Much has changed since we started, yet the foundations on which Cito was built – Fair and High-Quality Testing – are just as strong as they were in 1968. That is where our story both begins and continues.

Good and fair Testing

We believe in personal development

To achieve personal development we need to gain insight into the possibilities and limitations that dictate and pave our road to the future.

In the past, a builder’s son would inevitably become a builder himself, regardless of his capabilities. Psychologist Adriaan de Groot put an end to this arbitrary sense of succession by developing a child assessment test that later became known as the Final Examination for Primary Education. This test was the start of the Cito mission. The social status and opinions of the educator were no longer all-encompassing. While the son of a builder could certainly become a builder himself, he could also become a scholar, if he had the intellectual capabilities. Up to this day our company’s underlying principle is replacing arbitrariness with sound and solid tests that aim to guide children, teens and adults on the road to success. A successful road is one that matches one’s capabilities and improves one’s chance of achieving happiness.

Fair and honest tests

Cito’s goal is to lead the way, – to brainstorm and to inspire. We aim to help people build the road to their future. Our original motivations continue to inspire us, for now and in the future.