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Competency Based Education

Competency based education is spreading throughout the world. Governments in all continents are implementing this in different levels of education. This is not an easy task, however. How do you measure competencies in a fair, reliable and transparent way? How do you adequately measure higher order thinking skills? Cito can help you in all phases of the process.

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  • Competency based education (CBE) focuses on the student’s demonstration of desired learning outcomes. Mastery of skills is key. A competency based curriculum focusses on what learners are expected to do, rather than on what students are expected to know. Competencies often refer to the higher levels of cognition according to Bloom's taxonomy.
  • One of the main reasons why governments choose for competency-based education is increased student engagement. Students are more engaged in the material because they have ownership over their learning. This makes learning more effective and therefore more cost efficient.
  • Assessing competencies, like problem solving, critical or creative thinking and analytical thinking, requires a different type of testing as opposed to the testing used in more traditional approaches to learning. Cito offers capacity building on competency-based assessment for professionals in education such as teachers, managers and policy makers.

Do you recognize these issues?

  • "We have developed a new competency-based curriculum. How do we adapt our examinations to this way of learning?"
  • "How can we support teachers in using formative assessment for identifying individual students' needs."
  • "How can we build a system that helps measure individual learning outcomes and helps design personalized learning?"

Tailor-made solutions

Our strength is that we work with you. We listen to you and will do all to understand your specific context, your specific needs and your specific goals. This is, to us, the starting point for delivering complete, integrated services.


Our experience

  • Kazakhstan: Train-the-trainer in Item and Test Development for Competency Based Assessment Program of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Experience
  • Oman: Training for Ministry of Education: training in competency-based assessments
  • Peru: development of new science test: supporting Ministry of Education in development of new test items for implementing and pretesting competency-based assessment (CBA) in Natural Sciences
  • Kenya: consultancy and capacity building in National Assessments for Competency Based Education

Working together

We will always, in consultation with you, appraise how, when and what our support should be. Our objective is to transfer our expertise in handling transitions and/or other types of educational issues so that you will subsequently be able to realise your goals and ambitions. Our consultants can provide remote support, but if preferred, also at your own location.

How can we work together to achieve your goals?

  1. The first step is easy. We get to know each other. You contact us and we arrange an online meeting. In this conversation, we will work with you to clarify your needs and align on your goals.
  2. The second step is about being sure our service can deliver a result. When we are sure your request matches with our expertise, we dig deeper, until are both sure we have fully mapped out the matter at hand.
  3. The third step is about getting started. Within your scope and budget we can offer a scalable solution, varying from a short informative visit to complete consultancy and support in finding and implementing software solutions.
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Our Services

Training – Capacity building by teaching and coaching on specific issues.

We believe in the value of good procedures and working systems. But we invest in people. Because people make the difference.

Cito offers training and capacity building in all aspects of examinations, ranging from development of test instruments to data analysis and reporting.

Consultancy – making plans and getting started

To us, consultancy is working together with you to achieve your goals.
Cito offers consultancy in educational assessment in many fields.

These are some of the issues we can support you in:

  • Production of items to measure Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Evaluation and improvement of formative assessment
  • Evaluation and improvement of summative assessment

Implementation - Reaching your goals

Teaming up to realize ambitions – that is what implementation means to us. Not just advice, not just training, but working together all the way.

Reforming education takes time and requires stamina. With a solid partner, who is really there for you, chances to be successful are much higher. Cito has vast experience in helping ministries and educational institutions in establishing long lasting sustainable results.

Stand alone services

  • Development of framework
  • Audit of existing exams and processes
  • Support in item bank development
  • Support in item writing
  • Data analysis and evaluation